Watch AC/DC Get Trapped Inside a "Witch's Spell" in Their New Video

It's the latest set of visuals from their 'POWER UP' album
Watch AC/DC Get Trapped Inside a 'Witch's Spell' in Their New Video
AC/DC are once again back with some new AC/DC visuals. This time, they have treated their POWER UP track "Witch's Spell" to a new video, and it's indeed pretty witchy.

As you'll witness, we see the band shrunk down inside some witch's crystal ball, which is foggy as all hell. From there, the band rock the fuck out in some very CGI-looking landscapes while some evil-looking shit goes down — and we even get some AC/DC tarot cards.

Watch the "Witch's Spell" video for yourself below.

The clip was directed, edited and animated by Wolf & Crow using band performance footage shot by Clemens Habicht.