Wu-Tang Clan Is for the Children — and the Ottawa Food Bank

"Appreciate Canada holding us down all these years"
Wu-Tang Clan Is for the Children — and the Ottawa Food Bank
It's long been known that "Wu-Tang is for the children," and between guided meditation recordings and public health recommendations, they've also been incredibly helpful to people of all ages in the time of coronavirus. The rap crew have also extended their goodwill north of the border, giving some "dolla dolla bills" to the Ottawa Food Bank.

The group made their donation after being alerted to some local Twitter fundraising between Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson, Shopify COO Harley Finkelstein and Ottawa Food Bank CEO Michael Maidment.  Ottawa entrepreneur Adam Miron stepped up with a $10,000 donation of his own and confirmed another $10,000 would be donated by his HEXO cannabis co-founder Sébastien St-Louis. He then put out a call for further support to Raine Maida, Chantal Kreviazuk and Wu-Tang Clan. The Wu were quick to answer the call, writing on Twitter, "We got you...Just made a donation ourselves. Appreciate Canada holding us down all these years." They then passed the message along to George Stroumboulopoulos, Russell Peters and eOne Music's Chris Taylor. Watson, community members and the Ottawa Food Bank thanked Wu-Tang for their donation, and the action even encouraged others to make donations themselves — including a contribution of one dollar for each of the 36 Chambers. As Miron told the CBC, the Wu got involved after reaching out the group's management. "They were really great about it," he told the broadcaster. "They're just so willing to help."

Maidment added that the rappers' involvement took the campaign to "a new level," adding, "even my kids think I'm cool now."

"We know that the economy is shedding jobs at a pretty alarming rate," Maidment said. "It's going to be tough times ahead but this is the kind of stuff that gives me hope."