Wu-Tang Clan Will Only Make 36 Copies of Their New 400-Pound Photo Book

They're calling it "the BIGGEST and RAREST" book in hip-hop history
Wu-Tang Clan Will Only Make 36 Copies of Their New 400-Pound Photo Book
It probably isn't a surprise considering the ornate packaging for Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, but Wu-Tang Clan will now apply a similarly luxurious design process to a forthcoming photo book they're already claiming to be "the BIGGEST and RAREST" in hip-hop history.

Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy will feature over 300 pages of unreleased photos from across the iconic group's 27 years of music-making. As for the rarity, the tome will naturally be limited to 36 total copies, housed in the Wu-branded steel chamber seen above.

Per a pre-order website, the 400-pound enclosures are fashioned from steel and bronze, "each individually designed by the sculptor Gethin Jones (protégé of Antony Gormley)."

You can see how the elaborate piece, which was "inspired by the ancient past and the bronze ritual bowls of the Zhou Dynasty whose first ruler was King Wu-Wang," opens up in a teaser video below.

The books themselves are "printed and bound in Italy using only the finest leather and material," and feature photo work from Danny Hastings, PROTIM PHOTO, Kyle Christie, Andy Cantillon as well as Wu-Tang friends and family. All 36 copies will be signed by the group.

If cash rules everything around you, you can find out how to acquire one of the 36 Wu-Tang Clan: Legacy chambers here.

Last year, it was reported that the saga behind Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon a Time in Shaolin would become a Netflix film. Of course, the group's legacy was further cemented on-screen with 2019's Wu-Tang: An American Saga.