Yukon Blonde Drop Hazy Love Song "In Love Again"

Watch the groovy new lyric video
Yukon Blonde Drop Hazy Love Song 'In Love Again'
Vancouver indie rockers Yukon Blonde just dropped a brand new song featuring keyboardist Rebecca Gray taking lead vocals for the first time. Titled "In Love Again," the single arrives today via Dine Alone Records.

"This track began as a fun experiment when we were jamming," the band's Jeff Innes said of their new track. "We were trying to have three or four separate melodies that when played together sounded nice, but didn't make much sense when apart.

He added: "I had the idea knocking around my head to write a love song that detailed the simple day to day aspects of a newish relationship, normal things you value once you've been through the ringer."

Innes describes the song as "a really sweet ode to honest love without irony, which is typically not in our nature."

Yukon Blonde's last album was 2018's Critical Hit. Earlier this year, the band's Brandon Wolfe Scott released solo EP Burden on Your Shoulders.

Their latest release follows this summer's "Get Precious." Now with two singles out in 2020, the band have promised to share even more new music later this season.

Until then, watch their groovy lyric video for "In Love Again" below.